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I’m an Englishman by birth (huge up Liverpool) yet I’ve spent most of my life growing up and living in Scotland – so I’m for all intents and purposes half Scottish these days!

In 2016 I was determined to have Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I never truly realized anything wasn’t right with the entire consistent overthinking, heart palpitations and everything else – I realize I’d be a poo specialist! It wasn’t until I wound up having a fit of anxiety after work one day that I chose to go to see the specialist.

I’ve generally been open and a touch of an over-sharer yet even I battled with the disgrace and shame around psychological instability. I wasn’t open to enlightening individuals concerning my medical checkups, advising or referencing my psychological well-being by any stretch of the imagination – despite the fact that it’s a gigantic piece of my life.

Subsequent to feeling somewhat ‘stuck’ in my life toward the finish of 2018, I chose to go out on a limb an and travel the world over with my beau. We wanted to go for whatever length of time that we could, without adhering to a severe arrangement. It was a gigantic choice for me, since I’m continually overthinking each circumstance and I’m a small self observer on the most fundamental level (exemplary infj).

We went through a year going around Southern Africa, India, South East Asia, Indonesia and New Zealand before settling on the choice to return home. This year was most likely the hardest for my Mental Health. It was the longest I’d been away from my very close family, I wasn’t taking drugs, didn’t have the NHS, no normal pay and I’d quite recently begun my very own Squarespace website architecture business. I had some genuine depressed spots yet was resolved to capitalize on the open door we had. That hole year showed me more myself and my psychological wellness that I could have envisioned

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